NOTE: This is what I (groovelastig) could scrape off after fuzzpilz' site apparently crashed. These are fuzzpilz' fantastic buzz machines, wonderful stuff even in beta. - 2009-03-16

Also, here are his two VSTs: Oatmeal (All-In-One) as found here and Charsiesis

Here's a ZIP including everything: All files + buzz.html

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Jeskola Buzz is a wondrous modular software music studio thingy. I make machines (plugins) for it. Here's a list of the ones I've released on

Donations. I don't like profiting from people's generosity, but a million Euro here or there could be helpful.

Current public betas:

Further information on many of these can be found in various threads at Buzzchurch - which is also a better place to look for new betas than this.
Cheese of the Week - a sort of nice little synth. Approaching release.
Lesser Cheese - another synth.
Octopus - 8-op PM synth or something.
Oppressor 3 - compressor/gate thingy.
Resi - crappy resonator sort of thing.
UnwieldyDelay 4 - yes.
Tapdance - GRM Delays ripoff.
Chorpse Senior - a "bigger" version of Chorpse.
Inp - similar to FreqIn etc., but a little more sophisticated - it supports Ogg Vorbis files and syncs to the song position.
  • 13. September 2004 - I uploaded the wrong version yesterday. Redownload.
  • 12. September 2004 - major update. Now supports cues (wav only) - right click the machine and click "Cues..." to set them up. Also: MIDI control, check the attributes. The root note triggers the first cue, the note one semitone above that the second etc. Declicking yes, resampling no.

Amusing Coincidence - a waveshaper.
4pf - Simple 4-pole LP/HP with LFO and whatnot.
Spectre - A simple spectrograph. Supports a Bark-based frequency scale, since too few spectrographs do. Still uses Laurent de Soras' FFT code because I'm lazy.
UnpieldyWitch - An improved version of UnwieldyPitch. Also working on a VST version, but slowly because the SDK annoys.
UnwieldyTracker - a sampler. I'm not going to change the parameter layout any more, so using it in your songs is no problem. Here's a version with the note, sample, velocity and pan parameters moved to the left of the column for all you crazy people who prefer it that way. Recent additions/changes:
  • 06. November 2004
    • Some minor stuff I forgot, and I think I've fixed various pitch-and-timing related bugs.
  • 19. July 2004
    • Note delay now works properly with note offs etc.
    • Delay humanization with wavetable envelopes fixed.
    • Root note bug fixed.
    • Some other stuff I forgot.
  • 16. May 2004
    • Changed this page a little.
    • More work on declicker.
    • Note cuts are now also volume ramped.
    • Fixed bug messing up offsets on 24- or 32-bit samples.
    • Retrigger lengths are now dependent on shuffling.
    • Improved retrigger offset (faux timestretch) command accuracy.
    • Fixed a bug causing fast retriggers to sound dreadful. (caused by the volume ramp kicking in when it shouldn't)
    • Improved performance a bit.
  • 12. May 2004 - changed a bunch of stuff, finally fixed a bug that occasionally (for some: frequently) made it crash on loading.
  • Added effect commands 64-7 for jumping by ticks instead of subticks.
  • Added effect command 1F for changing the amount by which the offset changes on each retrigger. (doesn't work with 15)
  • Added effect command 15 for keeping the length of a retrigger timestretch if the retrigger time changes.
  • Probably fixed the mutex lock timeout on load bug.
  • Somewhat improved the declicker and made the default attributes less stupid.
  • Added effect commands 16,17 for fine portamento.
  • Fixed portamentos not doing anything when given zero time.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the sample pool window.
  • Those of you annoyed by the buzzing bug with the Polac Out will have to wait until the next version of Polac's machines, it seems.
  • Added effect commands 18-1D for volume slides.
  • Fixed setting the volume to 0 stopping the note.
  • Added effect commands 35, 36 for changing the cutoff per retrigger.
  • Fixed the track control dialogue not being removed when the machine is deleted.
  • Added a handy track control dialogue. It resizes itself according to how many tracks you have, but I'm not at all sure this will work properly on all systems. Please let me know if it doesn't on yours.
  • Changed the behaviour of the pitch and cutoff slide commands. They now do not stop on retriggering.
  • Added pitch wheel support and command 72 for transferring settings from other tracks.
  • Added MIDI input. There's a command (79) to keep tracks from accepting it.
  • Tweaked declicker a little, added commands 10 and 14 for timestretching using the retrigger.
  • Added an attribute to turn off declicking at loop points, corrected behaviour of the volume envelope (which previously sounded dreadful if the volume was changing quickly).
  • Added a few more shuffle modes (just different ways to interpret the strength byte, really, 0x81-83) and increased the number of sample pools to 32.
  • Some more work on the sample pool dialogue: added a "Clear" button, sample info is displayed, and you can play samples by double clicking them in the list or clicking the "Play" button.
  • Naming sample pools.
  • Support for 24 bit, 32 bit and 32 bit floating point samples (with Overloader 1.5).
Pottwal 2 - the same thing as the first, basically, except it doesn't suck as much. Largely abandoned.